Fashion Revolution


“I think it is important to be working in a safe environment where you are happy to go every day to and where you keep learning.”

This is what we all want, isn’t it? Yet in too many workplaces around the world, low wages and poor working conditions are common.

This is the reality of today’s global apparel industry today. Garment workers, who produce increasing quantities of clothing cheaper and faster around the world, struggle to pay for the life’s basics due to low wages and long hours.

Fashion Revolution was founded in a horrified response to the Rana Plaza disaster on 24 April 2013 when 1,134 Bangladesh garment workers were killed and over 2,500 injured.

Highlighting the stories of workers who continue to be exploited and endangered is a key objective, it’s not the only one though. Reforming the fashion industry is complex. The environmental impact of garment production and disposal is achingly disturbing. Did you know that, in the USA, about 11 million tonnes of clothing ends up in landfill. And about 95% of that could have been recycled or upcycled.

Or that the average British woman hoards £285 of clothes they will never wear, the equivalent of 22 outfits each that are left hanging in valuable wardrobe space. That’s £30 billion of unworn clothes. What can we do?

Fashion Revolution asks all of us to make a difference by buying less and buying better. We should wear items more then 30 times, and cherish our wardrobe items. We must be curious about where our clothes comes from. And if it’s cheap, then we must realise that someone, somewhere is paying the true cost.

You can join the Fashion Revolution. Check out its first fanzine, stuffed full of thought-provoking facts and brilliant ideas on how to get involved.

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