Big day of good stuff


This Saturday (22.10), de-clutterers and jumblers across Australia will in junk heaven with over 10,000 garage sales taking place around the country.

Now in its sixth year, Garage Sale Trail attracts over 300 000 bargain-loving shoppers nationally with over 2 million pre-loved treasures expected to be up for sale.

“Buying and selling at a garage sale does a whole lot of ‘good stuff’ beyond making extra cash and finding treasure. It’s a simple way to bring communities together, reuse and rethink the idea of what waste really is… while having an excuse to get dressed up, bake and barbeque.”

Garage Sale Trail began in Sydney in 2010 as a way to combat illegal dumping. In just over four years, the programme has grown from a partnership with one council and 126 garage sales to a national initiative with over 133 councils and more than 10,000 sales registered. It’s the fastest growing community and sustainability programme in Australia.

Britain’s first big day of garage sales took place in September 2015 in three pilot areas, Brighton and Hove, Hackney and Todmorden. No event this year so far, but it’s one to keep in mind. Car boot sales are great but quite impersonal. This Garage Sale Trail sounds like a excellent way to bring neighbours together, as well as have fun.

How long does it take to get to Oz?


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