• Sustainability has never looked so fine

    Since 2008, Frugal Cool has collaborated with many creative and communications specialists, all of us committed to sustainability, innovation and good ideas.
    We offer marketing and PR services to ethical businesses and creatives we love, and undertake special sustainability projects.
    Our retail project ReMade talked directly to our customers, encouraging them to creatively reuse.
    We continue to produce special projects which bring communities together. We support talent and creative ingenuity, and work with network organisations to encourage good practice.

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By Katie Thompson, REcreate ( Upcycle/United is a special project from Frugal Cool which aims to encourage reuse in home design by creating social opportunities for local upcyclers to share their creative ideas and develop new skills. Our first event is an Upcyclers Stash Swap on Sunday 27 April 12pm-2pm at Earthy Portobello. Every maker, … Continue reading


Feeling Good

Photograph: Edinburgh Festival of Magic   I’ve been thinking about self-esteem. There have been a few moments recently where – unusually for me – I’ve had that sinking feeling. In my other job at Monsoon, I spend a lot of time in the fitting room, assisting and advising. So many women lack confidence, and few are content with … Continue reading


Midweek Story | 5 March 2014

I came across this wonderful photograph on Facebook the other day. 1940s, do you think? They had simple recycling stations in the street. And we think we are smart … I love this photo because it reminds me that Frugal Cool is part of an old and continuing culture. For me, our sustainable lifestyle isn’t really influenced by current … Continue reading


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